Ahh, London. When I think of London, I’m instantly transported back to my 15 year old self — an impressionable young lass, torn between history and boys with accents. I also had a mock Princess Diana hair cut and the sense of dignity needed to be faux royalty. Let’s just say my leather jacket and Doc Martens made cut an interesting swath as I wandered wide-eyed around Picadilly Circus and reveled at the majesty of Buckingham Palace.

Earlier this past year, I was thrilled when my husband told me work was sending him to London for two weeks. I started calculating how much it would cost for me and Peanut to fly over and spend 10 days with him. Plans were being made, foreign vacation for the win! And then?

He broke my heart.

My (yes, my) London trip was being moved to September. School would be in session. If it were elementary school, we would have been fine, however we were moving to the dreaded and feared halls of middle school. There was no way Peanut and I could go.

After shedding large crocodile tears, pleading that it was okay to ask 10 other people to change their schedules for me, I conceded. No trip to London. However, I had one request. That he take my camera and fill it full of good ole London-Town.london and royal tunbridge wells

He forgot the camera.

Oh, I had reminded him a gazillion times, but he generally only hears the first three words of any sentence. I tried not to be too upset with him, knowing one of the last things I had asked was “and you have the camera in your carry-on, right?” When he broke the news to me, I was as calm as a woman could be and pondered having him spend a small fortune on a new camera over there. However, later that evening, I noticed a strange occurrence. His Instagram stream was filling up with photos from London.


He was using his iPhone and the application Instagram to take photos and share his photos! It was a stroke of mad genius! I would have my photos of London. They were already edited and filtered. The only thing I needed to do was save them in a place where I could always view them.

London Buckingham Palace Leeds Castle Tube

A PICABOO PHOTO BOOK! The idea struck me like a lightening bolt. It was genius!

When he got home, I hijacked his phone for as long as he’d let me at a time to download photos of London. Oh, glorious London. Sure, there were a lot of a car photos — after all, it’s not every day you see five million dollars worth of automobiles on one block — but I had my photos.

royal tunbridge wells

Weekend Visit to Royal Tunbridge Wells

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