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Celebrate the past year with a "Top Ten Countdown" book.
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What were your family's ten favorite moments last year? Preserve these treasured moments with a photo album that captures the spirit of each special event.

Getting Started

  1. Start by writing down a list of your top ten experiences from the past year.
  2. Gather together photos that illustrate each item on your list and add them to a new folder on your computer.
  3. In addition to photos, look for tickets, maps, brochures, and other keepsakes from these special events. Once you have collected them, scan them and save the images as high resolution (300 dpi) .jpg files to add to your book.

Creating Your "Top Ten Countdown" Book

  1. Create a new book in Picaboo and add the images you have collected.
  2. Select page layouts that allow you to include a bit of text describing why each particular event meant so much to you and your family.
  3. Finish your "Top Ten Countdown" with custom backgrounds, corners, and fonts.

Your high quality, professionally bound album will make a beautiful coffee table book that you can share with guests who visit throughout the upcoming year.