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Use the seasons to quickly arrange your photos from the past year into a stunning album.
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Each season has special activities, holidays, and events which provide the perfect backdrop for your family's unique traditions. Once you have organized your photos according to each season, it's easy to set the mood with custom Picaboo backgrounds and corners.

If you have school-aged children, a "Seasons" yearly album is the perfect way to organize your family photos. Since children learn to identify special holidays according to the season that they are associated with, it will be easy for them to relate to a seasonal album. They may even want to help out by selecting the perfect seasonal backgrounds.

Getting Started

  1. Start by gathering together your photos from the last year. Organize them into groups by season. Assemble the images into four separate folders on your computer so that they will be easy to locate and add to your Picaboo book.
  2. Think about the text you would like to add to narrate your album and organize your notes into a Word document. This will allow you to spell-check your text so later you can simply paste it into your book.

Creating Your Family Album

  1. Create a new book in Picaboo and add your images from each season.
  2. As you add your photos and text to each page, select custom corners and fonts that reflect the feeling of the season you are working with.
  3. Use the Seasons section of the free backgrounds website to find fun seasonal backgrounds to set the mood for each page.

When you are finished with your "Seasons" family album, you will have created a wonderful keepsake to read through year after year.