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Commemorate the past year's achievements with a "Professional Success" book.
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If someone in your family has spent a lot of time developing their business career, honor their accomplishments from the past year with a "Professional Success" book. This type of book is perfect for relatives who have recently launched a new business or who have started a new job in the last year.

Getting Started

  1. Ask your friend or relative to share their business calendar from the last year with you and create a list of events, activities, or places that you would like to represent in your album.
  2. Create a Word document to write out descriptions of these events, activities, or places.
  3. Ask your friend or relative to share any work-related photos they have from the past year and add these photos to new folder on your computer.
  4. If you have a scanner handy, don't forget to include images of ticket stubs, business cards, postcards, or program notes.

Creating Your Professional Success Book

  1. Create a new book in Picaboo and add your digital images from the new folder you created.
  2. To create a professional look, use the classic Picaboo corners and custom backgrounds in dark colors such as gray or black.

A "Professional Success" book is the perfect way to share your relative's accomplishments with the rest of the family.