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Let your favorite pet tell the story of the past year with a "Pet's Perspective" book.
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Does your beloved pet go everywhere with you? Tell the story of the year's trips and activities through the eyes of your pet. Your pet's light-hearted outlook on the family festivities will create a humorous summary that everyone in your family is sure to enjoy reading again and again.

Getting Started

  1. Gather your favorite photos from the past year and add them to a new folder on your computer.
  2. Spend some time looking through your photos and think about how your pet would describe each activity.
  3. Then, open a new Word document and record your notes as well as the stories of your past year from your pet's point of view.

Creating Your "Pet's Perspective" Book

  1. Create a new book in Picaboo and add the digital images you have collected.
  2. Arrange your photos throughout your book and, to narrage each event, paste the text from your Word document throughout your book.
  3. Finish your book with custom corners, fonts, and backgrounds.

Everyone is sure to enjoy looking over the events of the past year through the eyes of your family's favorite pet.