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Celebrate your child's accomplishments from the past year with a "Kid's Event" book.
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Boost your child's self esteem by showing them how proud you are of all they have accomplished in the past year. The perfect way to show your support is with a "Kid's Event" book that you can read together.

If you have more than one child, create a separate book for each sibling so that you can focus on the special things that each one has accomplished.

Getting Started

  1. Begin by gathering photos of your child from the last year. Ask parents of your child's friends to share additional images of group events like recitals or games if you missed any of these events or forgot your camera.
  2. Add the photos you would like to use to a new folder on your computer so that they will be easy to locate when you are ready to create your book.
  3. Take some time to write out a special message to your child telling them how proud you are of all they have accomplished. If you have time, send an email to other important people in your child's life (such as teachers, grandparents, and mentors) and ask them to send a special message that you can include in your child's book.

Creating Your Child's Event Book

  1. Create a new book in Picaboo and select the Storybook theme.
  2. Add your images to your new book. You may want to sort them chronologically or by type of event - sports, music or dance recitals, etc..
  3. Include a simple description of each event and paste the special messages that you have collected throughout your child's book.
  4. Use the Kids backgrounds from the free Picaboo backgrounds website to make each page festive and unique.

As your child grows up, they will love reading through their "Kid's Event" book again and again. Create a new book each year to commemorate all your child has accomplished. Don't forget to send a copy to Grandma and Grandpa because they will love to show it off to all their friends!