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Create a stunning double-page spread.
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Add that “wow” factor to your photo book by showcasing your favorite picture in a two-page spread. Choose a photo that is at least 2500 pixels wide and doesn’t have important details like text or faces in the middle. Decide which book style and size you'd like to create, then follow our step-by-step instructions to edit your image and place it in your book. Your family and friends are going to be impressed by your photo book talents when they see the beautiful two-page spread you designed with Picaboo.


Frame your pictures with fun corners.


Add the perfect finishing touch to your pages with Picaboo's corners. After you have created a page, select "Corners" from your Book Tools menu.

With a wide variety of photo corners, you're sure to find one for every occasion.


Add personalized backgrounds.


Take pictures of interesting textures, patterns, or landscapes that would work well as backgrounds for the pages of your family album.

Later, in Picaboo's edit mode, simply drag and drop these photos onto the background of the page.


Create a 3-D effect.


To easily add depth to a full page image, first select a page layout with one photo well. Next, drag and drop the image you have selected onto both the background of the page as well as the photo well.

To finish the effect, use the Picture Tools to zoom into the picture and center it however you'd like.


Scan vintage photos, ticket stubs, or recipe cards.


To save memorable photos, recipes, or other documents for your family album, scan them and add them to a Picaboo book.

Arrange one item or many on your scanner. Scan them, and save them as a high resolution (300 DPI) .jpg files. These images can then be added to a single photo well in Picaboo or used as a background or a full page image.


Create a personalized frame.


Select Picaboo's collage layout for your page. Look for a tiny bit of space between the many photo wells and drag and drop your center image there. Next, add other photos to the image wells around the outside of the page. To view what the page will look like when printed, simply click on the "View" button at the top of the page. Just be sure to save your work first.


End your book with a collage.


The perfect way to include all the extra photos that you couldn't fit into the rest of your family album is to add a collage page at the end.

Choose to fill all the photo wells or just a few and be sure to select the perfect background for the finishing touch.

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