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Record the challenge, joy, and triumph of your sport with a custom "Training Journal".
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A fun way preserve memories of your preparations for a special sporting event, marathon, or competition, is to transform your journals and notes into a stunning photo book. As you design your "Training Journal," you can illustrate your notes with pictures.

To create your book, start by creating a digital copy of your training journal either by copying your text into a Word document or by scanning pages of your journal pages and saving them as high resolution .jpg images at 300 dpi without compression.

As you read through your notes, think about photos that you could use to illustrate your journal. Images of yourself before, during, and after practice work well, as do photos of people, places, and things that you interact with as you prepare for an event.

When you have gathered your photos and text, add them to a new book in Picaboo. Scanned images can be added to your book in the same way that other digital photos can be added. You can copy and paste text from your online journal into the text boxes within Picaboo.

After you finish with your "Training Journal", use Picaboo's Share function to send a free digital copy to friends and family who have supported you through your preparations and order a professionally bound copy to keep for years to come.