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Help your child get to know their new teammates with a photo book.
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For small children, joining their first little league team can be an intimidating experience. Not only do they need to learn the rules and routine of their new sport, but they also have a lot of new friends to make.

A fun way to help your child feel more at ease during practice is to create a photo book featuring each of their new teammates and the rules of the game. Between practices you can read through the book with your child to help them feel more comfortable with their new friends. Flipping through your child's "New Teammates" book is also a great way to start conversations about what happened at practice.

To create your child's "New Teammates" book, take your camera and a notebook with you during the first couple of practices. Take a picture of each member of the team and ask each child a few questions about their likes and dislikes. Such as, "What is your favorite kind of ice cream?" "What is your favorite color?" and "What do you like best about sports?" Jot their names and answers down in your notebook. You may want to ask the other parents' permission before photographing their children.

When you get home from practice, create a new book in Picaboo and add your photos of the team. Devote a page spread to each player and include a few pictures of the teammate along with some text about his or her likes and dislikes. Throughout the book, add notes about various rules or routines for the sport.

After you finish your book, order a professionally bound copy to read with your child before bed and send a free digital copy to everyone on the team in case other parents would like a copy for their child. Your child will feel a sense of mastery and accomplishment when they are able to identify and recall a few facts about each player on their team and will feel more comfortable at future practice sessions.