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Narrate your sports photo book with your favorite cheers.
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A fun way to celebrate the past season is to collect your sports photos into an album narrated by your favorite cheers. This is the perfect way to organize photos from a high school sports team or a cheerleading squad.

Begin by writing down the words to some of your favorite cheers. Next collect the photos that you would like to use and add them to a new folder in your My Photos directory. This will make it easy for you to find them when you are ready to add them to your book.

Create a new book in Picaboo and add your photos. Arrange them throughout your book and use text boxes to add a few words of your cheers to each page. When you are finished, use custom corners and backgrounds to finish your book and order a professionally bound copy to read again and again. Be sure to bring your book to the next sporting event to help new fans cheer along.