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Introduce your kids to a variety of sports with a "Many Uniforms" book.
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It can be difficult for small children to keep track of the differences between the many different popular sports. Creating a "Many Uniforms" book is fun way to help your child understand the differences and similarities between a variety of sports. Not only can you design your very own storybook for your child, but your story can feature your child as the star.

To begin creating your book, take pictures of your child interacting with equipment from a variety of different sports. If you don't have a lot of sports paraphernalia lying around the house, take a trip to your local sports store and photograph your child trying on some of the gear that the store offers.

You may also want to visit arenas and playing fields for the sports that you have been teaching your children about. You can take pictures of the field, additional accessories, and talk with your children about how the game works.

When you get home, add the pictures you have taken to a new book in Picaboo. Have your child help you arrange the photos throughout their book and add some narration about each of the different sports. After you have finished your book, order a professionally bound copy that you and your child can read together again and again.