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Combine photos of the game with quotes and advice about the sport.
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You can quickly create a stunning coffee table album or personalize gift for the sports fan in your life by creating a photo book filled with pictures of the game and quotes or life advice from the context of the sport. When you are finished, you will have a touching album that works perfectly on your coffee table or as a gift for your favorite sports fan.

Begin by deciding on the type of sport you would like to feature in your book. If your gift is a present for a friend, choose their favorite sport and collect pictures of them playing the game or attending their favorite team's games. If you will keep the book yourself, choose your favorite sport or a combination of sports that you enjoy and include photos of yourself or your favorite team playing the game.

You can also include photos of objects that are used in the game such as balls, bats, fields, etc. If you search for images online, make sure that any images you use are high resolution and designed to be printed. Many online photos have low resolutions and will appear blurry in print.

In addition to your photos, collect quotes, words of advice, or stories about the game that you would like to use to narrate your book.

Finally, create a new book in Picaboo and add your photos and text. Use custom backgrounds and corners for the finishing touch. If your book is a gift, be sure to order your professionally bound gift copy at least two weeks before the big day to ensure that your book arrives in time.