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Bring her recipes to life with a Mom's Favorite Recipes Cookbook.
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If your mother loves to cook, celebrate her accomplishments in the kitchen with a custom cookbook filled with her favorite recipes.

Almost every mother has a collection of recipes that she uses again and again. Most of the time, these recipes stay stored away on 3x5 cards in a little recipe box. This year, get those recipes out of the pantry and onto the pages of a shiny new cookbook..

To develop your Mom's Favorite Recipes Cookbook, first raid your mother's pantry to collect all of her favorite recipes. You may want to tell her that you just need to borrow the recipe cards for a couple of days to create copies for yourself. If your mom seems especially devoted to her recipe cards, or if they were given to her by a special relative, you might consider scanning the cards and including a picture of them in your book. Type out each recipe in a Word document and arrange them in order according to category (such as appetizers, beverages, breads, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts). This will allow you to organize your text and spellcheck it before adding it to your Picaboo book.

Another fun way to personalize your Mom's Favorite Recipes Cookbook is to include stories from various family members about memories that they associate with each dish or a special review of how much they enjoy each dish. A quick email to your relatives can provide you with a variety of stories to use in your cookbook.

The last resource that you will need is photos of the various dishes. If you aren't able to collect photos of each competed dish, try taking pictures of a main ingredient. Or, simply include favorite family photos to illustrate your cookbook.

Once you have gathered your recipes, stories, and pictures, create a new book in Picaboo and select the Cookbook Theme. Copy and paste your recipes into the cookbook layout and personalize your book with your family photos.

When you have completed your cookbook, order a hardbound copy to present to your mother this Mother's Day and send a free digital copy to all of the relatives who have enjoyed your mother's cooking over the years.