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Help your child get to know relatives who live far away with a "Child's Biography Book".
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Sometimes it can be hard for children to get to know relatives who live far away. Creating a "Child's Biography Book" can help your child feel close to special family members that they only get to see a few times a year.

Focus on characteristics of your relatives that will be especially meaningful to your child such as their favorite food, color, animal, and ice cream flavor and ask each relative to include a special note telling your child how much they care.

Getting Started

  1. Make a list of the family members you would like to include in your book, as well as a list of questions you would like to ask them when you are researching your book. If your child is old enough, ask them to help you come up with the list of questions.
  2. Call or email your relatives who are far away and ask them to answer your questions about their likes and dislikes. Also, ask them to send you a recent photo of themselves and a note to your child that you can include in the book.
  3. As you receive the answers from each relative, organize them in a Word document so that you can later copy and paste them into your Picaboo book.
  4. Organize the photos of each relative into a new folder that you can later add to your Picaboo book.

Creating Your "Child's Biography Book"

  1. Create a new book in Picaboo and select the Storybook theme.
  2. Add the photos to your new book and decide how many pages you would like to devote to each family member. Wse the numbers of photos you have gathered to help you decide which page layout to choose.
  3. Once you have arranged your photos, copy and paste the text you have gathered about each person into your pages.
  4. Complete each page with a custom background - try using a colored background that matches each person's favorite color.

Your child will love reading through their "Child's Biography Book" and learning about each relative's favorite things.