How many times have you visited the aquarium or zoo and attempted to take a picture through the glass and all you captured was glare, your reflection or a huge bright spot thanks to your flash? Say hello to beautiful photos taken through glass! These tips and tricks will have you taking perfectly clear pictures through glass with ease.

How to Take Pictures Through Glass

how to take pictures through glass

1. Get up close. Fingerprints, dirt and smudges on the glass will appear in your picture if you are too far away from the glass. By standing close to the glass surface, you will reduce unwanted reflections that may distract in  your picture.

2. Shoot straight on. When you shoot through glass at an angle, you will see reflections. Get up close and rest the front of your lends on the glass and shoot with your camera straight on.

how to take pictures through glass

3. Use a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter will help eliminate reflections all of the reflections on the glass you’re shooting. When using a polarizing filter, it helps to look in your viewfinder and twist the filter until you get rid of as much glare as you can. By twisting the filter, you are lining it up with the angle of the glare which will block it.

4. Do not use your flash! If you use your flash, it will only bounce off the glass and leave a bright spot. If you are shooting in low light, steady your camera on a tripod or ledge. You can also push your ISO up to help compensate for the low light. Just remember the hand held reciprocal rule we talked about when learning how to take tack sharp images. Your shutter speed should not be slower than the reciprocal of the focal length of the lens you are using.

how to take pictures through glass

5. Use a large aperture. If you can’t block the reflections out, use a large aperture {small f/ stop} to blur out the reflections. When you increase the size of the aperture, you are shooting with a shallow depth of field which will give you are blurrier background.

6. Take a self-portrait! I love to use glass buildings or windows as a way to take some fun self-portraits.

how to take pictures through glass

Your challenge this week is to have fun as you explore the properties of glass with your camera! Make sure you share your photos on the Facebook page.

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