Now that you have the perfectly posed photographs, it’s time to do something with them. Don’t let them just sit on your hard drive or, worst case, on your memory card. I have to admit that I am guilty of that last one. ‘Tis the season of turning your recent pictures into holiday cards, photo books and wall art!

How to Group Your Photographs

Week 47: November 16-22

Many times, my clients say to me, “If we can just get one decent photo of each kid, we’ll be happy.” And, there’s a reason for that. If the kids aren’t exactly cooperating when trying to get a group shot, take individual shots of them in similar poses. Having similar pictures works well when making a card like the one below.

Can’t decide on which pictures to use in your grouping? The more the merrier! Especially if you have a large family. Start by using a family shot as your main picture and filter in individual shots or pairings.

You can apply the same rules when getting wall prints made. There are are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how to put your photos on the wall.

Start by cutting out different sizes out of paper and putting them on the wall. This will give you an idea on how large in scale you can actually go with your photos. In most cases, bigger is better!

If you have one large photo and several smaller ones, hang the large photo first. I do this when creating collages and cards for my clients as well. Once the larger photo is in place, it’s easier to see how the smaller photos fit in.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical both work! It all depends on your style! If you are modern and like clean lines, stick to a symmetrical layout. If having clean lines don’t bother you, be daring and go with an asymmetrical layout.

This week, your challenge is to play around with grouping your photos. Whether you create a card or a simple a collage, really think about your groupings and how they relate to each other. Make sure you share your creations on Facebook!