The past few weeks, we have been working hard, focusing on our intentions of our photography, paying attention to details, and making eyes sparkle. Even with weekly challenges throughout this 52 Week Project, it’s easy to fall into a photography rut. I even see it in my own work. When you’re photographing week after week in similar locations, the pictures can all start looking the same. The poses. The backgrounds. The lighting. The perspective.

That’s when I feel stuck in a rut. This is when I use a simple creative exercise that helps shake things up and bring new light to my photos.

how to bust out of a photography rut

How to Bust Out of a Photography Rut

Week 18 – 4/27-5/3

1. Head out to a new location {or one you haven’t been to in awhile}.

2. When you are ready to start your exercise, take 10 steps (walking in any direction).

3. Start shooting. Get creative! Look up, get on the ground, look for interesting angles. Look for the story! Are there any leading lines, reflections or repetitive patterns?

4. After you get your shot, take another 10 steps.

5. Repeat Step 3.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time doing this exercise, just long enough until you feel your creative photography juices start to flow again!

This may seem like such a simple exercise but it really does help. I promise! It  forces you to think outside of the box. No plans. No set-ups. Just you, your location, and your camera.

I haven’t been down to our local trail since probably last summer so I chose that as my “new” location. I went alone so that I could really focus on what was around me. I also switched out my beloved 35 mm for my zoom lens to really shake things up.

Here are some photos from my 10 Step Creative Exercise.

how to get out of a photography rut
get out of photography rut-9

get out of photography rut-7

get out of photography rut-11
get out of photography rut-5

get out of photography rut-2

how to get out of a photography rut

how to get out of a photography rut


Looking for more ways to bust out of your rut?

1. Rent some new gear! That’s right. You can rent lenses {and even camera bodies} at your local camera store or online. Renting a new lens is great when you are trying to chose a new lens. Rent a fisheye or a Lensbaby to get some really creative shots.

2. Try something new. If you mainly photograph animals, try some macro flower shots. Are you always photographing people like me? Get out and try some landscape photography.

3. Read your manual! I can not even begin to tell you how many times I have poured over mine. There is always something to be learned and it just may lead to your “It clicks!” moment.

4. Work on your photography bucket list. I have a list of images or setups that I would love to photograph but I never have the time to do them. Make the time!

This week, we are going to work on busting our photography ruts! Make sure you share your creative exercise photographs on Facebook.


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