Sometimes your stories need chapters. Sections within our photo book where we can organize moments into events, seasons and holidays. For these moments, why not add a Table of Contents to your next photo book?


 Create a Table of Contents for your baby book. You can section it off by months, firsts or events.


Showcase your diverse collection of recipes with a Table of Contents that highlights soups, salads, appetizers, main dishes, breads and let’s not forget, desserts.

 Taking a trip? Why not document the stops along the way with a Table of Contents?

A wedding is full of different events and special moments. From the proposal to the engagement party to the big day, a Table of Contents will help you share your history.


Want more ideas? Here are some themed books that would work well with a Table of Contents.

  • Family Photo Book. Section off the holidays, events and celebrations to showcase your fun-packed year.
  • Heritage books. You can use headings like dates: 1980 – 1990 or be a bit more descriptive like: “The Early Years,” “High School,” and “Sports Teams.”
  • Anniversary Books. Create sections based on your years, memories or milestones.
Want to add your own Table of Contents? From the examples above, we used photo-shaped wells to create circles. Then, we added caption boxes within the wells to house the page number. When selecting photo-shaped wells, choose from a circle, star or a heart.
To create lines extending to your page numbers, you can add a translucent background to a caption box or match the background with the colors on your page layout.
  1. Add a caption box to your layout. This box is the line that extends to your photo-shaped well. To add a caption box, select  the “+ Caption” button.
  2. Stretch the caption box using the white handles so that it extends to your photo-shaped well.
  3. Delete the “Your Text Here” in the caption box (this is important, otherwise the translucent caption box will not be printed).
  4. Select “Background” from the left sidebar. Then, using the slider bar beneath the background check box, set the translucency as you wish.
  5. Finally, click the “Send Backward” button beneath the slider bar until the translucent caption box is beneath your photos and captions, but above your background.
Leslie, one of our Picaboo Pros, uses translucent caption boxes in her New York book very well. Take a look at her tutorial for more uses for translucent backgrounds. Want to see another book that includes a Table of Contents? Take a look at The Year of Emma