Have you ever found the perfect background for a book page, calendar or collage poster, but the colors in the background were just a bit too vibrant against your photos? Well, here’s a neat trick to add translucency to your backgrounds so that your photos “pop” on the page.

  1. Add your photos, captions and desired background to your book or calendar page.
  2. Add a new caption box to the page by clicking the “+ Caption” button.
  3. Stretch the caption box using the white handles so that it is the size of the entire page.
  4. Delete the “Your Text Here” in the caption box (this is important, otherwise the translucent caption box will not be printed).
  5. Click on “Caption Tools” in the sidebar and click the checkbox that says “Background”. Then, using the slider bar beneath the background checkbox, set the translucency as you wish.
  6. Finally, click the “Send Backward” button beneath the slider bar until the translucent caption box is beneath your photos and captions, but above your background.

Also, try making mats (making the translucent text box an inner rectangle or square slightly smaller than the size of the page), adding translucency to your caption boxes that have text, and making translucent photo borders (by removing the shadow and white border on your photo and creating a translucent mat behind it).