You don’t need a closet full of hand-picked props {what, just me?} to add a little pop to your pictures. Everyday household items work just as well! Best part: You probably have most of them in your home right now.

1. Bubbles: Bubbles not only make a great prop and add a little something to your picture, they also keep your child’s attention! Have Dad stand off-camera and blow bubbles. You’ll be able to capture the pure joy every child is overcome with when they see bubbles. Have a bubble machine? Even better! No one gets light-headed from all the bubble blowing.
2. Baskets: Who doesn’t like a baby in a basket? I know I do! This works well for babies who are learning to sit unassisted. Get that baby off the floor and prop them up in a basket! Baskets work for older kids too. If you have a larger basket, flip it upside down and use it as a stool. If you are shooting outdoors, it will blend into the scenery.
3. Picture Frame: This is a growing trend in photography and I love it! Sure you are framing your picture when you take the shot, but frames add an extra highlight and makes for a great picture. Use a frame 11×14 or larger. Anything smaller and it looks odd in the picture.
4. Balloons: You don’t need a party to throw balloons in the mix. One of my most popular maternity pictures featured balloons. It was the family’s creative way of announcing the gender of the new arrival! Balloons also can help younger children get excited and smile a lot. It can also be a distraction, so make sure you pull out the balloons at a well-timed moment.
5. Chair: So simple, but they can add so much. Bonus if you can get your little one to actually sit and not try to get up! Also, small garden benches work well.
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