One of the things that I have gotten really good at is using every day, household items as props in my photos. There are tons of beautiful props out there that I would love to have but don’t want to spend the money on them. After all, they are only props. They may only be used once or twice. You don’t have to spend a lot to grow your prop collection!

You don’t have to be savvy or frugal or a DIYer to find these photo props. Most are probably sitting in your living room or out in the garage. Remember, don’t go overboard! Adding a simple prop to your photo will help enhance it. Don’t use something that will take away or distract your viewer from the subject.

Household Props to Make Your Photos Pop

Week 41: October 5-11

1. Wooden Crate – You may not have this laying around the house but you can pick it up {inexpensively} at a craft store. I stained mine for an aged look and I love how it came out. Not only can you prop a baby up in the crate, you can flip it over and use it as a stool.

I have also used it as a backdrop for some food photography.


2. Baskets – Baskets are always great to contain a newborn or wiggly 6 month old. For whatever reason, they love to sit in them and you can get the shot! Baskets are also great to use when photographing things like spools of yarn, leaves, or apples.

3. Books – Last year, I was on the hunt for some vintage books for a back to school session. I picked up a whole set of books for about $10. You can also incorporate your child’s favorite book to capture their current likes. 

4. Table cloth or Placemat – These are an easy background to your food photography! I find a lot of mine at the dollar store. I have so many now that I keep them in a box. You can change them up for the seasons or to match your subject.

5.  Textured Blanket – I don’t know what I have more of, baskets or blankets. I am always on the lookout for blankets when I am out shopping. I look for muted colors and texture! Texture is great for newborn sessions as they make a great backdrop to a sleeping baby. But I also you blankets when doing sessions outside. Some kids do not like sitting on the ground. I put a waterproof blanket down first and then add my fun blanket on top. I love the green blanket below. It works well in the grass and doesn’t take away from my families.

6. Old Chair – Most people would have thrown this chair out or repainted it. Not me! I love the chipped paint and faded colors.

Your challenge this week is to look around your home for props that could enhance your photographs. Make sure you share your photos on Facebook!