************Thank you for attending our Happy Day Giveaway on Facebook. This event is now over. But stay tuned to our Facebook page for more fun events.************


It’s the Happy Day Give Away!  We’re getting into the holiday spirit and giving away 10 prizes on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 on our Facebook page! Want a win this camera, a Madison Photo Book, Picaboo cash and other awesome prizes? Here’s how:


1. “Like” our Facebook page.

2. On Thursday, December 8th, 2011, keep your eyes glued to our Facebook wall for TEN chances to win prizes throughout the day. (Plus the GRAND PRIZE!) Here’s how it works: We ask a question, you answer in the comments section. Then we’ll randomly pick a comment and award that person a prize.

3. Winners will be announced here at 9 PM ET. Bookmark this page.

4. Want to win the grand prize: A CANON SX30IS? Change your Facebook profile picture to you playing Picaboo (pronounced peek-a-boo) and be an active participant throughout the day. At the end of the day, we’ll randomly pick a profile picture and award that person the Canon SX30IS. Easy, eh?

Show us your Picaboo Face!

Here are some examples of a Picaboo face. But feel free to be creative. Because that’s what Picaboo is all about.



Show me your Picaboo face!




Picaboo! I see you!

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! Here are some prizes you could win.


20-page Madison Photo Book

11×14 Premium Calendar

(2) $30 gift card to anything on picaboo.com

$50 gift card to anything on picaboo.com

20-page 8.5×11 Classic Custom Hardcover Photo Book

20-page 11×14 Classic Custom Hardcover Photo Book

16×20 Collage Poster

50 Holiday Cards

11×14 Photo Panel


Thank you for spending your day with us! We really enjoyed reading your comments, book titles and gift ideas. And we LOVED your Picaboo faces. The creativity and enthusiasm you showed was amazing. And without further adieu, the winners are listed below.Wednesday Share Winner
On Wednesday, we asked you to “share” our HAPPY DAY GIVEAWAY post. Congrats to Debbie A. Mills. You won a $30 gift card good for anything on picaboo.com!

Question 1 WINNER:
Congrats to Joe Piccola! You won a Premium Calendar!

Question 2 WINNER:
Congrats to Heta Shah! You won a $50 gift card good for anything on picaboo.com!

Question 3 WINNER:
Congrats to Nikki Kluj! You won a $30 gift card good for anything on picaboo.com!

Question 4 WINNER:
Congrats to Jennifer Crocker! You won a 20-page 8.5×11 Classic Custom Hardcover Photo Book!

Question 5 WINNER:
Congrats to Robert Franze! You won a 16×20 collage poster!

Question 6:
Congrats to Gaurav Khanna! You won 50 holiday cards!

Question 7:
Congrats to Paula Mitchell Fankhauser! You won a 20-page Madison Photo Book!

Question 8:
Congrats to Jeffrey Leung! You won a $30 gift card good for anything on picaboo.com!

Question 9:
Congrats to Mark Klobas! You won an 11×14 Photo Panel!

Question 10:
Congrats to Larissa Boase! You won an 11×14 20-page Classic Custom Hardcover Book!

Picaboo Face:
And… The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the CanonSX30IS is Janet Janet! And no that isn’t a typo! Congrats, Janet Janet!

Congratulations to all the winners. If your name is listed, send an email to FBFan@picaboo.com to receive your prize. Thank you again for a fun day!!!