We are in the full holiday swing and there are so many things you are not going to want to miss! With all of the hustle and bustle and trying to get everything done, you could miss what is going on around you. Make sure you take a few minutes each day to stop and enjoy the holiday season.

Last week, we talked about ways to get the perfect holiday shot and we are continuing again this week. We talked about how to get the shots but this week we are going to learn how you can get yourself prepared so you don’t miss those memories.

Getting Prepared for the Holiday Season

Week 50: December 7-13

1.  Review your camera manual and review our tutorials for the shots you are looking to capture. If you can’t find your camera manual, don’t worry! They are available online {Nikon | Canon}.

2. Make your list and check it twice. If you are looking to make a photo book this holiday season, sit down and make a list of the photos you would like to feature. Take a look back on previous books and think about what you wish you would have captured. To help you out, I made this Holiday Photo Checklist for you!

3. Tell the story. Of course, you will be taking pictures of everyone opening their gifts. But also try to include these other special moments: shopping for the perfect the gift, the beautiful wrapping, and the mess that comes with opening everything Christmas morning! This is a great way to practice photojournalism and lifestyle photography.

4. Protect your camera. If you are going to be shooting outdoors in the cold and snow, make sure you protect your camera. Remember, the cold weather will drain your batteries quicker. If you are going to be out for awhile you may want to bring a spare. You also want to protect your camera from condensation! Gradually get your camera ready for the cold. Leave it out on the porch, garage or car {lock those doors!} for about an hour. Do the same when bringing it back indoors.

5. Be creative and have fun! After all, that is what the holidays are all about. The memories and moments are all around you so there are plenty of things to photograph. But don’t worry and stress about capturing each and every thing. You want to make sure you are experiencing the memories too!

This week, your challenge is to get prepared for the holiday season! Keep on sharing those holiday photographs on our Facebook page!