The smell of BBQs, patriotic garb, and (hopefully) sunny skies are upon us- it’s Memorial Day weekend! With Memorial Day usually comes picnics and barbecues. And what better way to enjoy all of the yummy food than to photograph it? So, before you dive in, snap some pictures! Food photography is a fun way to capture the season. It’s also a great way to get a little creative with your frameworks.

We talked about food photography during our 365 Challenge last year and your photos were mouthwatering! Building on what we learned then {lighting, keeping our setups simple, and finding the right angle}, we can take our food photography to the next level with the tips below.

Food Photography Tips Part 2

food photography tips

Week 22: May 25-31

1. Ingredients make great props. When I am photographing food for a recipe, I like to include some of the ingredients in the final pictures. Sure you could just photograph the finished product alone but sometimes that can look a little flat. For example, I recently made these Trix Treats and added the dry cereal and marshmallows in mason jars. I placed them in the background just to give the photo a little kick.

food photography tips

2.  Add color! When you’re setting up your final product, take the colors of your food into consideration. When dressing up your dish, use the ingredients as your color palette. Fresh herbs, such as deep green basil, can add some great contrasts to your shot. The green sprouts in the photo below really helps break up all of the red and oranges in the food.

food photography tips

3. Focus on the details. I know I have said this before, but details do really make the shot! Use a shallow depth of field to really bring out the detail whether it’s in an ingredient or a texture in the dish. In the photo below, I was focusing on the drizzle on the chocolate covered strawberries. Yum :)

food photography tips

4. Add some steam. Fresh off the grill {or out of the oven} food looks great on camera. Steam is so sensory and makes the dish look all that much more delicious! Of course, you may not be able to capture steam without burning yourself or the cook, but there is an easy way you can recreate it. Take a water soaked cotton ball and microwave it. Add it behind the food and you will get some steam!

food photography tips

5. Watch out for color casting. A lot of times when I am photographing food, I try to make sure that I am wearing a white shirt. This not only becomes an instant reflector but you will avoid casting the color of your shirt onto your food. This is important when you are photographing anything white or light colored. You want the color of the food to be realistic and true!

This week, your challenge is to fire up the grill or put your baking skills to the test! Make sure you share your mouth watering photos on Facebook!


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