Fitness is something that’s become more important as I get older. Staring down the barrel of 40, I realize that if I don’t do something to firm and tone my body, I’ll end up looking like Magda from “Their’s Something About Mary.”

Sitting down, I knew I needed to do something to inspire me as this road is going to be long and arduous. So, what does a girl do? First, you subscribe to every fitness magazine known to woman-kind. Second, you don’t tell your husband how much you’ve spent on said magazine subscriptions. Third, you contemplate botox and liposuction. Since my HMO won’t cover it and I’m too cheap to pay for botulism, it’s a no go.

To assist me on my journey, I started a board on Pinterest full of healthy recipes and great exercises, but it’s easy to ignore. I need something in my face that inspires me on a daily basis.

So I’m making a calendar. That’s right. I still get to search the internet for shiny things, except this time it’s backsides and abs, which is great material for a calendar. My calendar is all about kicking butt. Literally. I want sculpted abs and a sassy derriere. And I need to take care of my elbow problem. You know the one — moving fork to mouth repeatedly.


Luckily, Picaboo makes it easy to create a custom calendar. I recently made a calendar for my Mom that was full of beautiful pictures of my son. It was a great way to show her all the fun events she misses out on by living so far away. But this calendar, it’s just for me. There won’t be images of Peanut eating ice cream or heading off to school. The goal of this calendar is to help me stay motivated.


Is one of your New Year’s goals to become healthier? How will you stay inspired all year-long? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks because like I said, this is a long road ahead of me. But I know I can do it.

Wondering how to make your calendar? It’s easy. Just watch this quick video or check out this article that  highlights five cool calendar features.