Welcome back to the 365 Project with Picaboo! This photographic journey includes 52 photography challenges to help you get off automatic and become a better photographer. For all the information you need on The 365 project, please review this post.


This week, I challenged you to go back to Manual Mode and understand exposure. Your challenge was to find the light and boy did you ever! I love seeing everyone’s progress through these past 2 months. I see a ton of growth and can’t wait to see what you guys bring this month.

And now my favorites!

Picture by Debi Patchin – I love the sentiment of this picture. I love when photographers put something so personal out there. Thank you for sharing this. 

Picture by Kelly Bigley – The exposure in this one is spot on. The snow in the background {Am I right? Is it snow?} is a tad blown out but it helps the bark pop out.

Picture by Christine Keenan – This one made me think of the saying “lost my marbles.” It really spoke to me because I have totally lost mine this week! Love the lighting and exposure of this as well. 

Picture by Vivian Clibon – This is absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous of all of you that leave near the beach!

Picture by Kristi Shannon – Snow is really hard to not overexpose {“blow out”} and you did a great job on this one!

 Picture by Shelia Woodard – I have always wanted to capture lightning. Love the black and white process as well. 

Picture by Metta Matuschke – I love the texture of this photo. Also, how you can take something as simple as bubbling water and make it into a very interesting photograph.

Picture by Denise Shuff – I could have taken this exact picture yesterday, such a rainy, dreary day! I love the depth of field on this one. 

Picture by Debbie Haggard – I love how the lights pop out in this one. The classic cars also give it a vintage feel. 

Picture by Susan Padilla – The lighting in this is spot on! The shadows, the highlighting, love it all!

Picture by Renee Brown – This is a fun and simple photograph! I may have to “steal” this idea for my next engagement session.

Picture by Antone Botelho – Amazing. I want to be sitting on those rocks, watching the waves and the birds fly around the lighthouse. I love a photograph that transports me to the location. Nice job!

Picture by Dolly Duff – Let your light shine! Awesome sun flare!

Picture by Chris Blashill – I love the monochromatic feel of this photograph. Even though there is a lot of white and light blues, there is definitely still depth to the picture. Love it!

Picture by Carla Egenberger – Another great example of capturing the light! I also like the fabric you have them on {scarf? blanket?}. It really helps the watches stand out as opposed to photographing them on a table top.

Picture by Sarah Cannon – This looks straight out of a magazine ad! Love the reflection of the bottle on the countertop. 

Picture by Judy Macedo -The shadows and vibrant green really make this picture. And this could be a great Picaboo background!

Picture by Lois Frost – I love the pop of blue sky in the background. Any one else wondering if a little critter is living in there? Looks like a little nest.

Picture by Jenny Arroyo – I am a sucker for macro flower pictures. I am also a sucker for water droplet. Well done!

Picture by MaryJane Pagniello – This screams book cover {hello, Twilight!}!

Picture by Whitney Boring – The depth of field is amazing in this one, along with color and texture.

Picture by Casey Weber – Love the black and white processing in this photograph.

Picture by Sue Beresford – Like I said up top, I love a good macro shot! I love how the light hits the flower bud in this one. 

Picture by Kathy Watkis-Bayer – I love the leading lines of the water from the ocean to the drift wood!

Picture by Dennis Browne – Wow! Amazing! Tell me, what kind of lens did you use for this? I’m guessing you were a good distance away!

Picture by Andres Kujiwara – The colors in this image are so vibrant and are nicely contrasted against the blue sky. Love birds of paradise!

Picture by Melanie Barrett – The shadows really make this image! Nice job!

Picture by Doris Quigley – I love how the sun is reflecting on the water giving it a golden look! 

Picture by Anna Bode-Kokity – I like the cropping on this one. Also the red contrasts nicely against the green background.

Picture by Karen Hamberger – I love how the sun reflection look like stars! This is an excellent capture!

Picture by Cheri Pittman – I love the pop of blue against the golden hues of the photograph. 

Picture by Sue Gilpin – This is such an adorable shot. I do this pose a lot when photographing children and their parents. Never thought to use it with pets!

Picture by Heather Everson – Another simple picture that adore. Love the texture of the plate and the contrast of the blue and white. 

Picture by Betty Price – I absolutely love the vintage feel of this picture: the coloring, the lighting! Awesome job!

Picture by Maggie Miller – This picture is so dreamy! Love the green coloring.

I gave you my feedback and now I want yours! What was your favorite thing about this week’s challenge? I hope you come back on Saturday to check out next week’s challenge!

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