The lights in fall are a great time to document our lives. So many great photographic memories are lost by not taking advantage of days that aren’t holidays, but fun days spent romping outdoors, jumping in leaves, or tossing a football.

When you look back at photos, most holiday shots are, let’s face it, stiff and forced. Adults are tired from cooking and traveling and kids are cranky because they want goodies to start flowing. Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house is not so much a trip as it is an obstacle course punctuated with those famous and annoying questions: “Are we there yet?” And if you’re lucky, you might even hear that most glorious of all holiday sayings: “Don’t make me turn around this car!”

Sticking a camera in someone’s face and telling them to say cheese isn’t going to make friends and win people over with your charm either.

Fall is the perfect time to bring out the camera.

Fall is a great time to take out the camera and grab some fun shots.

Photos come to life in fall. You have the chance to be yourself and take photos of your family when they’re at their best. Smiles come more freely and with a relaxed attitude comes a photo that really shows your subject. Plus, fall comes with a chill in the air, earthy scents and glorious colors. It’s my favorite time of year and one I look forward to after a long summer’s heat and humidity. My step is perkier and I’m more likely to be outside exploring my world with camera in hand.

Like many of us, I’ve ignored autumn too long.


Taking pictures of pumpkins, pumpkin patch

Isn't this a pretty fall picture?

What do you love about fall? Is it the apple cider? The change in the weather? Or knowing that pretty soon Halloween will be around the corner and you’ll have a chance to pilfer candy from little ghouls and goblins? Or is it because it’s football season and it’s time to go back outside and pretend we’re all either Joe Montana or John Elway, albeit for a brief moment on a brisk Saturday or Sunday afternoon? So, tell us, what about fall do you absolutely love?


This post was written by Lisa Frame.