As you may know, we are running a fun event this year called The 365 Project. It’s our way of helping you become a better photographer. With the help of Stephanie Glover, we have created a photography tutorial library that will help you move from Automatic to Manual and teach you all the tricks to taking better pictures.

Denise, is one of the 365 photography participants and she is making a book each month that showcases her photographs. We were lucky enough to have her share her January and her February photo books with us. Take a look at her amazing photographs.

The cover of Denise’s 365 photo book from January.

She chose a Classic Custom photo book, which is a nice choice because it showcases one of her photos on the cover. Our Classic Custom is popular for this very reason.

I love this beginning! It’s like Denise is answering the call, taking on the challenge and also making a promise to herself that she’s going to do this. Taking on this project is a commitment. And I love how Denise creates her own mission and puts it down on paper.

Here’s the cool thing about capturing your images, not only do we see Denise progress throughout the year, we also see key moments in her life. I’m not sure what happened at Rupp Arena but it must have been something big. The basketball game looked really fun and the images of Grandma playing Angry Birds are priceless. It’s really neat to look back and see all the big and small moments from Denise’s January.  Now on to February!

Wow. Denise is getting good. Look at these great beach shots. Love the signs and the sunset. She’s working her way through the challenges and capturing really great photographs. What’s also neat, is that we begin to see Denise using her photographs as backgrounds. I also love her nighttime photograph captured during the golden hour.

Remember that amazing shot of water coming out of the drain? It was include in our “Best Of” photos for the week and rightfully so. It’s such a great shot.

Isn’t this a hip and professional back cover? Images by Denise, a very talented photographer. Thank you for sharing your books with us, Denise. It’s inspiring to see your photographs and watch you grow. Thank you also for taking part in our 365 photography challenge. We are really enjoying seeing everyone’s photos and watching our friends, fans and customers cheer each other on.

It’s not too late to join the 365 photography project. For all the details, read this post.


How are you capturing your 365 photos? We’d love to see your books, collages or calendars. Feel feee to share your projects with

Ready to turn your digital images into photo books, calendars and more? Click here to see our weekly specials!

Ready to turn your digital images into photo books, calendars and more? Click here to see our weekly specials!