When I am not photographing adorable children and smiling families, I have a little project on the side. I am currently working on an A to Z photography project. It is a great way to for me to exercise my creativity and photograph something other than people. It’s a great photography rut buster and can help expand your portfolio.

What’s an A to Z photography project?

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Week 36: August 31-September 6

When I am out at a shoot or just playing tourist, I am on the hunt for letters. But there’s a twist. Not letters that may appear on a sign or painted on the road – I am looking at objects and how their lines can form a letter. It’s a great exercise and makes you think outside the box. There are some letters that are harder than others to find but they are out there!


I keep a well worn piece of paper in my camera bag with the letters of the alphabet. As I find the letters, I check it off so I can keep track of what I have. I also get the kids involved. It’s my way of having fun and sneaking in a little learning at the same time. Some of the best places to find letters are in wrought iron fences, railings, and playgrounds.


One warning, you may have some trouble using auto focus on some of your letters. For most of mine, I have had to switch on over to manual focus to make sure that I captured my letter in focus and tack sharp. Not only does this help me get my shot, but I also get to practice using manual focus as well.

There are no rules when it comes to the A to Z Photography project, be as simple or complex as you want. Push yourself to see past the “givens”  like the letters I, O, and D. The harder letters, like G and Q are out there! You just have to have the patience to find them.


There are many things you can do with these photographs once you find the entire alphabet. You can create a collage spelling out your last name, your child’s name, or a word. Use them as the title page on your next photo book. Use your creativity!


Your challenge this week is to think outside the box and look for the letters that are around you. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have some fun. Make sure you share what letters you find on our Facebook page!