Your entries for the best after Thanksgiving book title were great. Some were funny and some were heart-warming. And for us at Picaboo, it was fun to way to hear how you spent your holiday weekend. From shopping to sleeping to enjoying the company of friends and family, tradition was prevalent in many of the entries. And holiday traditions can be a great theme for a Picaboo photo book. Recently, Heidi, one of our Picaboo Pros, created an amazing Holiday Traditions book. It’s full of embellishments and great creative tips. And for Heidi, it was a nice way to document and pass on her family traditions. Does your family have several unique holiday traditions? Why not put them in a Picaboo photo book? It could be the perfect gift for someone on your holiday list.

Now, without further ado, the winner of the $30 Picaboo gift card is….


Congrats to Stacy Mattson for her title, Running with Scissors and Coupons.

Congrats Stacy Mattson! Please contact and we’ll send you a $30 electronic Picaboo Gift Card. As always, there were some great options. Here are some great titles that stood out.


Thursday we ate, Friday we shopped.
by Shannon Gleeson Hopkins

by Teresa Schmid and Darlene Waller DeVall

by Denise Kuntson

by Karen Schumm

Overstuffed and Overshopped
by Denise Keppel Meredith

Christmas Shopping with Buttons Popping
Heather Ferrante Cathrall

A Tale of Two Burps
by Cristina Casis McKinnon

Stuffed (Behind the Seams)
by Silvia Bradshaw

Cold Turkey
by Cathy Thompson

Thank you all for your fun entries. They were a blast to read! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more fun contests and prizes!