Before You Click: Prepping Your Gear

 Before I head out the door for a session or pick up my camera to snap some pictures of the kids, I go through a mental checklist. There are certain things that I do almost every single time that helps my photography. Before You Click: Prepping Your Gear Week 42: October 12-18 1. Clean Your Sensor. I […]

15 Prop Photographs

 This week was all about looking around the house for some props that would help make your photos pop! Props are all around you. From blankets to baskets to bowls, your home is probably loaded with options. You rose to the challenge this week. From showing new ways to use household items to getting creative […]

More Tips from the Photo Organizers

 We are continuing our series of tips on how to organize your backlog of printed and digital photos, media, and memorabilia. Check out last week’s entry here.   Tip # 9  Clues in the Attic Within every home is a treasure trove of information about the lives of the people who live there. Unfortunately, many irreplaceable documents […]

Household Props to Make Your Photos Pop

 One of the things that I have gotten really good at is using every day, household items as props in my photos. There are tons of beautiful props out there that I would love to have but don’t want to spend the money on them. After all, they are only props. They may only be […]

15 Indoor Photographs

 With the weather getting cooler, we used last week as the time to practice our indoor photography skills. Just because you are stuck inside, doesn’t mean that your photos have to suffer. There are some easy tips and tricks to be able to get the best shot when shooting indoors. Here are this week’s 15 […]

This Week’s Photo Organizing Tips

 Sorry as we’re a day late with this week’s entry! We are continuing our series of tips on how to organize your backlog of printed and digital photos, media, and memorabilia. Check out last week’s entry here. Tip #6  Photo Back Up Solutions 1 2 3    There is a painful truth we should all pay […]

Tips for Taking Better Pictures Indoors

 With the cooler weather approaching, it means we are going to be spending more time indoors. When I was first starting out with photography, I used to dread shooting indoors. I hated using my pop-up flash, didn’t quite know how to use my external flash yet, and wasn’t shooting in full manual mode. Basically, I […]

15 Fall Photographs

 There is something about fall that makes me want to get outside and  photograph more. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Maybe it’s the vibrant colors. This week, you embraced the season along with me and captured some amazing fall photographs! Here are this week’s 15 fall photographs! 1. Iman Ahmad – Look at those colors […]

Fall Photography Ideas

 This week is the official start of fall! Fall is one of my favorites times of year to photograph. The changing leaves provide a beautiful backdrop and the cooler weather allows us to stay out longer without sweating! And the lighting? It’s when the Golden Hours are at their best. The light is warm and adds great […]

15 Photos that Tell a Story

 This week was all about using our photography to tell a story. More specially, I challenged you to tell your story in only 5 photographs, boy did you rise to the challenge! It can be hard to fit the story into only 5 frames but you took my tips and made it work! This week also gave […]