15 Holiday Ready Photographs

This week was all about getting ready for the holidays! You have to be prepared. From trimming the tree to making sure your gear is up to the challenge for capturing all those memories, there is a lot to be done. Here are this week’s 15 Holiday Ready Photographs. 1. Debbie Marker – Man down! What […]

Getting Prepared for the Holiday Season

We are in the full holiday swing and there are so many things you are not going to want to miss! With all of the hustle and bustle and trying to get everything done, you could miss what is going on around you. Make sure you take a few minutes each day to stop and […]

15 Holiday Photographs

This week, we all got into the holiday spirit! It looks like everyone was busy decorating and celebrating which made for some great pictures! It’s the perfect time of year for captuing some amazing light bokeh. Based on your pictures this week, you love it as much as I do! Here is this week’s 15 […]

15 Photographs of Family & Friends

This past week was all about gathering with friends and family to celebrate the start of the holiday season. With everyone together in one place, it’s the perfect time to take some great group photos! Here are this week’s 15 Photographs of Family & Friends. 1. Vivian Clibon - Getting a multi-generational shot is always a must […]

Taking the Perfect Holiday Pictures

It seems like the holidays are already in full force! I blame Mr. Turkey for being so late. I have been trying to respect the Turkey and hold off on doing any holiday decorating but it’s so hard and tempting. I love the mood it puts me in and it makes my house look so […]

Photograph Friends & Family During the Holidays

Every year, I vow that I am going to take more pictures during the holidays. And then the holidays happen and I get so wrapped in baking, wrapping and eating that I forget. The same regret each and every year. But not this year! I will take more pictures! I will get the family together and make […]

15 Grouped Photographs

This week was all about getting our photos off of our cameras and hard drives and making something with them. Whether you made a collage or your holiday cards or a beautiful wall display, you took my tips for grouping your photographs to make them come to life. Here are this week’s top 15 Grouped […]

Let the Countdown Begin!

How Do I Enter? Go to our Facebook page and click ‘Like.’ Already a fan? Great news – you’re automatically entered!   What’s Next? Help spread the word by ‘Sharing’ our posts about the contest. The sooner we reach 100k, the sooner you’ll have a chance to win one of these great prizes: An iPad […]

How to Group Your Photographs

Now that you have the perfectly posed photographs, it’s time to do something with them. Don’t let them just sit on your hard drive or, worst case, on your memory card. I have to admit that I am guilty of that last one. ‘Tis the season of turning your recent pictures into holiday cards, photo […]

15 Posed Photographs

This week was all about posing! How to pose small groups, large groups, and everything in between. Posing is very important in your photographs. You want the viewer’s eye drawn to the right focal points. Here is this week’s 15 posed photographs. 1. Jen Larson - Sometimes just letting kids be kids is all the direction they […]