Photographing Holiday Lights

 Holiday Lights There are a lot of different kind of holiday lights bulbs, these days, there are the old school tungsten based bulbs and the new LED light bulbs. Having your camera’s white balance to the ‘light bulb’ icon will result in lights that will appear white or slightly warm-white and you will avoid that […]

Turn your Halloween Decorations into Backgrounds

  “I’m a hands-on kind of gal. Especially during the holidays. when it comes to creating Picaboo photo books and collages. Backgrounds are a fun way to share photos that you might not necessarily put in Photo Books or Collages. Like Halloween decorations. Unless you’re like me and prefer those to people in your photos some […]

7 Tips for Creating an Anniversary Guest Book

 My Grandparents were together for over sixty years. My parents have been married for over 35 years and if I use the concept of rounding up, my husband and I are going on a decade. Anniversaries in our family usually involve dinner and cake. So, we don’t do anything special and I think that’s wrong. […]

Picaboo Yearbooks Offers Yearbooks for the Homeschool Market

 Homeschools of every size can now have the same yearbook experience enjoyed by conventional schools HANOVER, N.H., Februrary 16, 2015 — Parents and educators of the millions of homeschooled students across the US and Canada have an alternative that allows every homeschooled student to create and own a yearbook – and they have Picaboo Yearbooks […]

Today Show recommends Picaboo for organizing your kids’ projects

 We were thrilled when we heard Jill Martin mention Picaboo on the Today Show this morning! A Today Show viewer asked what she should do with all her kids’ art projects, school projects and birthday cards. Jill’s recommendation is the same as ours: snap photos of the projects, upload the photos to and create […]

Picaboo Yearbooks Changes the Way Schools Collect Yearbook Photos

 Third party photo contribution allows yearbook staffs to crowdsource event photos HANOVER, N.H., January 12, 2015 — Picaboo Yearbooks, which is on a mission to revolutionize the yearbook, offers a feature called “3rd Party Photo Contribution,” allowing students, parents, administrators, volunteers and teachers to take high resolution photos with their smartphone, digital camera or any […]

Meet Our Featured Dad

 Over the past few months we’ve turned to you, the Picaboo community, to inspire us with your projects. With Father’s Day approaching, we are reminded of how extraordinary our dads are, with all that they do for us. We wanted to give a very special “Happy Father’s Day” to Mitchel L. of Beachwood, OH., who […]

5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Photography

 With weather (FINALLY) turning nice, the time is now to finally dust off your cameras and work on your outdoor photography. Below are 5 tips & tricks to focus on when snapping photos outside. Tip 1. Find the Golden Hour: Ask photographers for their favorite time of day to shoot outdoors and the consensus will […]

Operation Shower Event

  Picaboo was very honored to be a part of a recent Operation Shower event in Los Angeles, California for expectant Moms and recent Moms of children whose  dads are serving in the US Military. Operation Shower is a  non-profit organization whose mission is to provide joyful baby showers for military families to ease the […]

Display your valentine cards

  This is an easy and fun way to display your valentines. All you need is a bunch of paper hearts, a sewing machine, some small wooden clips, washi tape and scissors. I used different colors and sizes of hearts, but you could use the same color and size for a more uniform look. All […]