15 Photo Examples of Aperture

 Wow. That’s really all I can say about this week’s challenge. I could tell that you really enjoyed experimenting with aperture. I mean, your photos really speak for themselves. By focusing on your aperture and showing off some amazing bokeh, your photos became pieces of art. Here are this week’s amazing 15 Photo Examples of […]

Back to Basics: Aperture

 This week, we are going back to the basics. One of the most asked questions in photography is “How can I get a blurry background in my pictures?” I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I’ve been asked that! The blurry background that everyone tries to get has to do with the aperture […]

15 Red, White, & Blue Photographs

 This week was all about spotting the colors red, white, and blue! You guys beautifully captured American flags, summer fruits, to architecture and more! You did an outstanding job finding this great color combination just about every where you went. From to the traditional to the unexpected, here are this week’s 15 Red, White, & […]

Photographing Color: Red, White, & Blue

 Fourth of July is just around the corner! From decorations, to flags to clothes to thematic treats, red, white, and blue will be everywhere!  If you don’t live in the USA or don’t celebrate 4th of July, not to worry, red, white and blue can be found everywhere. These colors are bold and vibrant making […]

15 Summer Photographs

 By the looks of your photographs, summer is definitely here!  You guys truly caught the essence of the season. Your shots were a celebration of all the wonderful outdoor activities, fresh fruit, and family time that summer brings. From the beach to the pool to stunning nature shots, your photos brought summertime to life. Here are […]

Summer Photography Tips

 It is officially summer! Are you heading to the beach or taking a road trip to celebrate the season?  However you celebrate the warmer weather, longer days, and endless sunshine, there are a few things to keep in mind when shooting in the summertime. One of the best parts about the season is spending so […]

15 Photos with Contrast

 This week, we talked about understanding contrast in photography. You guys… you nailed it! Your creativity with both color photographs and black and whites really blew me away. Your photos were engaging, filled with emotion, dimension and drama. Here are this week’s 15 photos with contrast! 15 Photos with Contrast 1. Linda Pierce – I love […]

Understanding Contrast in Photography

  When you hear the word “contrast” what do you think of? Contrast plays an important role in our photographs – shadows versus sunlight, organic shapes versus geometrical, dark versus bright. When you are creating contrast in  black and white photographs, you must create contrast between the white and black elements {tonal contrast}. When your image […]

15 Photos Mastering White Balance

 This week, we talked about how you can manipulate colors in your photos with white balance. Playing around with the different white balance settings such as cloudy, daylight, and tungsten can turn a photo from ordinary to extraordinary. And it’s so much fun! With a click of a button, you can give your photo a […]

Manipulating Color with White Balance

 Now that you’ve mastered composition in your shots, it’s time to dive into another photography technique that is essential to professional-looking photos – white balance! For those of you who participated in last year’s 365 Project, you remember when we talked about how to set a custom white balance. If you are new this year, feel […]