Getting in Front of the Camera – How to Look Your Best in Photos

 If you’re like me, you feel way more comfortable behind the camera than out in front. It’s sad , but true. It’s ironic that, as a photographer, I find myself hiding behind the camera way too often – offering to take the group shots so that I don’t have to be in them. The end […]

15 Photographs of Opposites

 This week was all about finding opposites! Your shots really proved the old time saying to be true – opposites attract! In addition to your photography talents, this is what made your images so strong! Your courage to think outside of the box and the contrast between opposites made your photos really pop. Here are […]

Creative Exercise: Capturing Opposites

  Last week, I shared with you a simple creative photography exercise to help you get out of a rut. It was such a success and your photos turned out so beautifully that I want to challenge you to another creative exercise. Remember our discussion about finding an intention for our photos? Usually this includes planning […]

15 Creative Photos

 There were no photography ruts in site this week! Whether you’ve been shooting mainly portraits or landscapes, all of you took chances and mixed things up. You went exploring and switched up your lenses and locations. You tested out some new perspectives and used new subjects. You pushed your boundaries this week and it was […]

How to Bust Out of a Photography Rut

 The past few weeks, we have been working hard, focusing on our intentions of our photography, paying attention to details, and making eyes sparkle. Even with weekly challenges throughout this 52 Week Project, it’s easy to fall into a photography rut. I even see it in my own work. When you’re photographing week after week […]

15 Photographs That Made Eyes Pop

  This week, we continued with our attention to detail challenge and used it to make eyes pop in our photos. By nailing your focus and finding the light, the eyes in this week’s photos really sparkled! Here are this week’s 15 Eye Popping Photographs. 1. Stephanie Storkey – This is a gorgeous shot! You really brought out the color in […]

How to Make Eyes Pop

 The past few weeks, we have been refining our photography skills by taking a deeper look into one skill at a time. Last week, we explored macro photography. You guys did a fantastic job at capturing flowers, pets, and other objects. We are going to focus on the small again this week, but something a […]

15 Macro Photographs

 This week’s challenge was one of my all time favorites! I loved your creativity and innovative shots. From blooming flowers, to rustic hardware, and everything in between, you truly nailed your macros! 15 Macro Photographs 1. Debbie Vo – We were on similar wave lengths this week! There’s something about the pink blossoming trees that […]

Tips for Macro Photography

 A couple weeks ago we dove into lessons that developed our intentions and attention to details as photographers. And last week you guys rocked the  capturing reflections challenge. I am so impressed! Your talent as photographers has inspired me to show you how to bring all these skill sets together in a little thing called macro photography. Macro Photography Macro photography […]

15 Reflective Photographs

 It was clear to me that you set intentions for your photography and paid attention to detail in your photos of reflections this week! I am so impressed with how you challenged yourself to master depth of field and took chances with your angles. You worked on your focus {Teaser:  this will come in handy this coming week!} and captured some amazing […]