A Simple Photo Book for Dad

 Father’s Day is on it’s way and there’s nothing more special than a Picaboo photo book that reminds the Dads in your life how wonderful they are. Heidi created this lovely photo book highlighting her husband, a special Dad to two happy girls. In this book, you’ll see many things you can do on your […]

Pirate Birthday Party Book

 Once you reach a certain age, birthday parties lose a lot of the joy they once held. As adults, we tend to think sadly about the next birthday. But when you’re a kid, birthday parties are the best day EVER. Around our house, when one birthday is over, we start talking about next year’s. My […]

Deanna’s Graduation Photo Book

 Graduation books have always been one of my favorite themes because I find them inspiring, exciting and sentimental all at the same time. It’s lovely to see our children progress from one institution to the next and the books that come through our offices are always amazing. This particular book caught my eye. And with […]

6 Tips for Recording Significant Events

  The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to make records of significant, life-changing events. We all experience these types of events as we make our way through life. Weddings, pregnancies, amazing vacations – these types of events are more the “run of the mill” type.  But once in a […]

Our Starbucks Wedding Photo Book

  The first page tells the tale from the perspective of the bride’s friend: “My friends Becca and David got married this morning!! Both head to toe in Lulumon. In front of Starbucks. They met at Starbucks and David proposed there. One day last week, they decided it was finally time to get married and […]

My Son Brady

 This post was written by Emily Vanek about her son, Brady. My son, Brady, has autism and speech apraxia. At  four, he only has a dozen or so “words” he uses to speak and signs a little more than double that. Our therapists have been using a picture exchange communication system with him, or PECS for short. We’ve made a picture […]

9 Mother’s Day Gifts Under 20 Dollars

  Every year, it’s important to remind your Mother of how much she means to you. As a mother of two, I know how important this special day is. And I also know how lovely it is when I receive a handmade gift. In honor of Mother’s Day this year, we’ve created a list of […]

My London Photo Book Made with Instagram and An iPhone

 Ahh, London. When I think of London, I’m instantly transported back to my 15 year old self — an impressionable young lass, torn between history and boys with accents. I also had a mock Princess Diana hair cut and the sense of dignity needed to be faux royalty. Let’s just say my leather jacket and […]

Reagan’s Busy Day

 This book was made by Helen as a present. “I made this book for my friend’s son for Christmas when he was 2 years old.  He absolutely loves the book and has learned to read as a result.” What a great present: The gift of reading and a lovely book! Reagan’s Busy Day is a fun children’s […]

Heather’s Pregnant

  Although I was more than uncomfortable the last few weeks before my munchkin was born, it took merely a few hours for the memory of pregnancy to start fading. It wasn’t the most pleasant 9 months, but without a doubt a journey I don’t want to forget. For all the morning sickness and aches […]