My New Years Resolution: Get Healthy

 Fitness is something that’s become more important as I get older. Staring down the barrel of 40, I realize that if I don’t do something to firm and tone my body, I’ll end up looking like Magda from “Their’s Something About Mary.” Sitting down, I knew I needed to do something to inspire me as […]

Cards to Ring in the New Year

  So you missed sending Thanksgiving Cards. Big whoop. And then you missed your holiday cards. No big deal. And, you’re not great at writing Thank You notes. That’s ok. Here’s your moment: Send New Year’s Cards. They’re quick. They’re easy. And they won’t get lost in the holiday card shuffle. To inspire you, we’ve […]

My Year In Review

 Perhaps your family is like mine. I have two small children (ages 3 and 21 months) and one on the way.  I work from home, so I have the special privilege of sharing meals with them, watching them play, and witnessing the funny things they say and do. For example, my youngest was attempting to […]

The Gift That’s Just For Me

  It’s better to give than receive. That’s only partially true. Because when it comes to the Picaboo book I made my mother, I was both proud of my book and sad it was going to someone else. I spent hours on my book. I scrutinized every image, background and embellishment. I even shared it […]

Soccer Girl

 This post was written by Jim Mitchem. My mother lives in Houston. We live in Charlotte. We drove there once. It was pretty far. And because flying is expensive, the kids don’t get to see their grandmother often. We try to do the best we can in terms of keeping in touch, but my mother […]

Our Trip to New York

  Today, we asked our Facebook fans to come up with a title for a trip to New York City. As expected, the titles were amazing. Creative, fun and enticing. A trip to New York City is the perfect subject for a Picaboo Photo Book. And it can easily be made with BookGenie. BookGenie is […]

Custom Calendars: The Gift That Lasts All Year

 I never know what to get my Grandma. She doesn’t need anything. All she wants is for me to come visit. Since she lives 500 miles away, we stay in touch through the photos. I do text photos on occasion, but she’s not that handy with the new technology. (And by new, I mean 1985.) So […]

Quick and Easy Gift: A Photo Book

 Thinking of making a photo book for someone on your gift list? Take advantage of our FREE NEXT DAY AIR SHIPPING offer. Place your order by 12/19/11 at 5 PM PT and you’ll get your gift in time for the holidays. This offer applies to Classic Linen, Classic Leather, and Classic Custom book styles. Details. […]

4 Memorable Gifts You can Make in 20 Minutes

 There’s nothing better than a handmade gift. But handmade gifts take TIME. That’s why we’ve put together a list of four personal gifts you can make in less than 20 minutes. Ready? Open up Picaboo X, pour yourself a glass of eggnog and let’s pump out some custom holiday gifts. Gift Idea #1 Want to […]

How-To: Make A Holiday Cocktail Book

  The holidays are here! And that means tons of family time. My family likes to cook and drink. So this year, I’m making a cocktail book for my dad. It’s chock full of holiday cocktails and embellishments from the Shabby Princess and Peppermint Creative. It’s also very personal as each spread is dedicated to a member […]