7 Tips for Taking Pictures During the Golden Hour

 Ask any photographer their favorite time to shoot and they will say without hesitation, the golden hour. The golden hour in photography is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day. It’s also referred to as the magic hour. And that’s because the golden hour is pretty magical. Why do we love shooting […]

42 Street Photographs

 This week was all about getting outside and do a little documenting of what was going on around you. You took my street photography tips and ran with them! I loved the variety of your streets. From farm towns to big cities and everything in between, it was neat to get a little peak at your […]

Street Photography Tips

 When I visit a large city, like New York, I approach photography much differently. Instead of my normal occupation of taking portraits, I focus on street photography. Street photography is a type of documentary photography that captures candid situations in public places likes streets or parks. Street photography in its essence is a snapshot of […]

40 Photographs of Food

  This week, you shared some mouth-watering pictures of food! You took my tips for food photography and ran with it. All of your shots made me hungry and made it difficult to pick the best of the week. Here are the best food photographs! 1 Marsha Mood | 2 Maryam Vahedi | 3 Melanie […]

10 Things To Include in Your Next Vacation Photo Book

      Vacation books are a popular photo book theme. After all, we live for our vacations don’t we? And once they’re over, all we have left are the memories. That’s why it’s important to make a vacation photo book. To help you get started, here are 10 things to include in your next […]

6 Fun Vacation Souvenir Crafts

  How did you spend your summer? Did you hit the beach, grill out in your backyard or travel to Grandma’s house? What’d you do with all of your vacation photos? Are they still on your phone or your memory card? If so, now’s the time to upload those photo to your desktop and turn […]

10 Inspiring Vacation Photo Books

  Sadly, summer is just about over. In many states, the temperatures are dropping and the kids are back in school. And with the end of summer, comes the end of vacation season. Wondering what to do with all of those amazing vacation pictures? Why not make a Picaboo photo book. It’s easy, it’s fun […]

7 Tips For Taking Better Photos of Food

 Summer is just about over and Fall is almost here.  And with Fall comes amazing foods: Hearty stews, warm apple pies and all-things pumpkin. As you dive into all the delicious foods common during this time of the year, make sure you grab some photos. After all, you worked so hard on making {or buying!} the […]

47 Pet Portraits

 This week was full of dogs, cats, horses and monkies! We’d love seeing adorable animal faces on our Facebook page. You guys did a great job following our tips for photographing pets tutorial. You really made it hard to pick the best of the week. But alas, here are 47 adorable pet portraits. 1 Mary Richards […]

Baylee Does Hawaii

 Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to turn your vacation photos into a fun Picaboo photo book. When Shauna got home from her family trip to Hawaii and the Hawaiian islands, she made this lovely photo book for her granddaughter, Baylee. Shauna is one of our resident Picaboo Pros and from […]