The Wedding of Aimee & Nho

  This post is part of the Picaboo Book Awards. For the next seven days, we’ll share a book each day submitted by our customers. The author of each book will win a prize. On October 23rd, we’ll randomly pick one person to win the camera and one person to win a cruise from If you have […]

How to Photograph Vibrant Colors

 Fall has finally arrived! And, with it comes the bright and bold colors of leaves, pumpkins and other fall vegetation. These vibrant colors are stunning. When captured in a photo, the rich yellows, oranges and reds can really stand out.  However, knowing how to photograph vivid colors can be tricky. Here are eight tips to […]

36 Water Droplet Photographs

 Did you guys have fun this week? It sure looked like it! Your water droplet photographs were amazing. I loved the creativity in some and the simplicity in others. You embraced my eight tips on how to photograph water droplets and it shows in your photographs. Once again, you made it hard to select the […]

How to Photograph Water Droplets

    This week has been gray, drizzly and dreary around these parts. Normally it would mean that I would be stuck inside with nothing fun to capture. But I didn’t let a little rain stop me. I braved the rain drops and was on the hunt for some fun water droplets. There were plenty […]

30 Flash Photographs

    This week, we stepped outside of my own comfort zone and talked all about your in-camera flash and how to use it. Your photographs demonstrated my tips for better lighting from your in-camera flash and showed how just how beneficial your flash can be! 1 Antone Botelho | 2 Bea Sweeney | 3 […]

How To Get Better Lighting From Your In-Camera Flash

  Normally, I am pretty anti-flash. This week, I’m stepping outside of my own comfort zone and telling you to turn your flash on! Because you can take great photographs with a flash. And I’m going to teach you how to get better lighting from your in-camera flash. This will be important to know as […]

39 Fall Photographs

  Based on your photographs, fall has definitely begun! Seeing your pictures grace the Facebook page reminded me why this season is my favorite. You incorporated my 7 fall photography tips and truly made it difficult to pick the best!  1 Antone Botelho | 2 Heather Everson | 3 Karen Hamberger | 4 Diana Uyder […]

7 Fall Photography Tips

 Fall is here! {Can you believe it?} With the cooling temperatures and the appearance of pumpkins everywhere, I’m getting excited for my absolute favorite time of year. That’s why today I’m focusing on capturing the beauty of this colorful season. Here are my best tips for taking great fall photographs. 7 Fall Photography Tips Fall […]

36 Photographs Taken During the Golden Hour

  This week, we discussed my favorite time of to take pictures. I shared with you some tips on how to capture the colors and light during the hours known as the golden hours. Based on your photographs, I could tell that you enjoyed shooting during those times as well. Here are the 36 best golden […]

7 Tips for Taking Pictures During the Golden Hour

 Ask any photographer their favorite time to shoot and they will say without hesitation, the golden hour. The golden hour in photography is the first and last hour of sunlight during the day. It’s also referred to as the magic hour. And that’s because the golden hour is pretty magical. Why do we love shooting […]