Getting Prepared for the Holiday Season

 We are in the full holiday swing and there are so many things you are not going to want to miss! With all of the hustle and bustle and trying to get everything done, you could miss what is going on around you. Make sure you take a few minutes each day to stop and […]

Posing Tips for Your Holiday Card

 This month, we are talking about getting the perfect picture for your holiday cards and gifts. Last week, I shared with you what you should take into consideration when choosing what to wear for your pictures. Now that you have the perfect outfits picked, it’s time to get the perfect pose! Posing Tips for Portraits […]

15 Best Dressed Photographs

 This week was all about finding the perfect outfits for your photographs. I shared some tips with you on what to wear for your pictures. Here are this week’s 15 Best Dressed Photographs. 1. Debbie Haggard – I like that you based the color combination off of the colors of the little girl’s skirt. 2. Brandi Bieber – Even […]

Tips for Halloween Cell Phone Pictures

 Next week, the kids {and maybe some adults} will be dressing up in their scariest and cutest costumes! This is definitely a moment you don’t want to miss out on capturing. But this is also a time when I hate to lug around my dSLR. There are times when I want to just be in […]

15 Best Photos of the Week

 This week, we continued to talk about what to do before you click! After you prep your gear, your next step is to check your settings. Having your settings properly set to your current lighting conditions and photography objective, you will save time in post-processing and spend less time fumbling with your settings while you […]

15 Best Photos of the Week

 This week, I shared with you how I prep my gear before heading out the door for a shoot. From making sure my cards are clear and battery’s charged to cleaning my lens – these simple steps save me time in the long run! You guys really showed off your best this week! Here are […]

Before You Click: Prepping Your Gear

 Before I head out the door for a session or pick up my camera to snap some pictures of the kids, I go through a mental checklist. There are certain things that I do almost every single time that helps my photography. Before You Click: Prepping Your Gear Week 42: October 12-18 1. Clean Your Sensor. I […]

15 Prop Photographs

 This week was all about looking around the house for some props that would help make your photos pop! Props are all around you. From blankets to baskets to bowls, your home is probably loaded with options. You rose to the challenge this week. From showing new ways to use household items to getting creative […]

Household Props to Make Your Photos Pop

 One of the things that I have gotten really good at is using every day, household items as props in my photos. There are tons of beautiful props out there that I would love to have but don’t want to spend the money on them. After all, they are only props. They may only be […]

15 Indoor Photographs

 With the weather getting cooler, we used last week as the time to practice our indoor photography skills. Just because you are stuck inside, doesn’t mean that your photos have to suffer. There are some easy tips and tricks to be able to get the best shot when shooting indoors. Here are this week’s 15 […]