I remember when I had my first digital camera it had a nifty little feature that would allow you to capture panoramic photos. At that time, they were all the rage. I thought panoramic photos were a fading trend until I started seeing the rave reviews over, wait for it, cell phone panoramic photos! They are making a comeback! Panoramic photos are great when traveling. They let you capture your location without the worry of missing a key element.

Capturing Panoramic Photos with Your Cell Phone

Before we dive into panoramic photos, let’s look at the difference between wide angle photos and true panoramics. To spare you the technical details, I’ll give you a short explanation. A panoramic photo is one that is at least twice as wide as it is tall. A panoramic will be long and skinny and is a compilation of a series of photos.

Most cell phones these day have a panoramic setting built right into them! What a great way to snap your current location without dragging out your big camera and having to stitch all those photos together. Your cell phone takes all that hassle for you and makes it so simple. If your cell phone does not have the panoramic option, there are plenty of third party apps out there that fit the bill.

When taking panoramic photos with your cell phone {or your digital camera}, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Capturing Panoramic Photos with Your Cell Phone

Week 3: 1/12/13- 1/18/13

Capturing Panoramic Photos with Your Cell Phone

1. Don’t move! The biggest key to taking panoramic photos is to make sure you don’t change the position of your phone while talking the photos.  Since panoramic photographs are created by stitching multiple photos together, any shift of the your camera’s position will lessen the quality of results. You want to make sure that while you are panning you are moving slowly and smoothly.

2. Lock your Auto Focus. To make sure your focus is consistent throughout your photo, you want to lock your Auto Focus. Check your options menu for this feature.

Capturing Panoramic Photos with Your Cell Phone

3. Leave some fat. You want to make sure you leave some “fat” on your photos for final cropping.

4. Don’t forget the inside! Panoramics are not just for outdoor photography. Panoramic photographs can show off interested architectural details inside and out. At a sporting event? Capture the entire arena or event floor with a panorama.

indoor panoramic photo

5. Switch up your angle. Traditional panoramics are landscape. Switch it up and try a horizontal panoramic photo to capture a large tree or a tall building.

Whether you are using your cell phone or your point and shoot camera or your dSLR, panoramic photos can be a lot of fun to take! This week, share were you are! Show off your town hall, the ocean, or even your backyard. Make sure you share your photos on Facebook!


Did you know panoramic photos make beautiful two-page spreads, canvas prints and more?

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