Lifestyle photography is all about capturing extraordinary moments. Taking a simple shot of your  two children playing can turn into a photo that brings a priceless glance of brotherly love to life. These everyday moments are authentic and this is truly something special. Lifestyle photography is not about stiff poses. It’s about capturing a natural, beautiful second in time.

tips for lifestyle photography

Calling all inspired storytellers! When shooting lifestyle, your job is to observe and shoot the candid. With the advent of digital cameras, lifestyle photography has grown and become really popular. We no longer have to worry about if the picture looks just right. You aren’t limited to a certain number of frames. And that is where real life takes place…in between the frames! Time to capture your story.

tips for lifestyle photography

Tips for Lifestyle Photography

Week 4: 1/19/13-1/25/13

1. Always have your camera! You just never know when the moment is going to pop up. To be honest, I don’t always lug my dSLR around with me. But I do have my cell phone! Some of my favorite pictures of my children are from my camera phone! If you do decide to bring your camera with you everywhere you go, you can’t be afraid to look a little weird. Sure people have given me looks when I bust my camera out at the grocery store but I got my shot!

2. Focus on your subject. Really study your subject! When you take in your subject the rest with come. Look for the best lighting and observe what is going on around you. What is your subject doing? Are the doing homework? Focus on their face and the determination {or frustration} it showing. Catch them writing and thinking.

tips for lifestyle photography

3. Capture the details. Once you get your shot, look for the details. A curl. Eyelashes. Shoes. Try out different angles and get creative! And don’t be afraid to get close up! Details will help make your photo pop and tell the story.

4. Resist the urge to set up the shot. When I am doing a lifestyle shot or just taking pictures of my kids at home, I barely tell them what to do. I may position them for the best lighting but I leave it at that. Instead of posing them, I will move myself to get the shot I want.

5. Get the background. Your subject’s background can also help tell their story. Were you pictures taken during the holidays? Were you outside during a snow fall? Pull back a little and look for something that will help convey your photo’s story to the viewer.

tips for lifestyle photography

Your challenge this week is to capture the extraordinary moments of your day. Share your story! Make sure you post your lifestyle photographs on Facebook.


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