This post was written by Maricris Guadagna.

When I became a mom, I shed happy tears. Happiness filled my heart just looking at my little bundle of joy. I couldn’t wait to bring her home and enjoy her first precious moments with me. And so the firsts came and I was determined to document and preserve them.  But there’s a lot of firsts, so for all you sleep-deprived moms, I made a list of the most important ones that should be preserved forever.

The Top 10 Moments You Need To Capture 

First Smile –A baby’s smile can melt any a mom’s heart, especially when it’s the first. My baby smiled 2 days after she was born.  It was the first photo I took of her and it’s one of my favorites.

First Laugh –My baby’s first laughter was like music to my ears.  I enjoyed every moment of it! It was a musical confirmation that I was doing something right!

How did I preserve this moment? I took a picture of her laughing and created a Picaboo Photo panel. It now sits on my desk and is a wonderful reminder of those first few days and my new life.

First Tooth – The first tooth is always cute and makes children look silly when they smile. It is also a milestone as your baby is gaining independence and is ready for solid food. Make sure to get a couple of pictures of their crooked smile.

First Solid Food – I still remember the day my child had her first solid food and what it was. It was a very touching moment.

How did I preserve this moment? I have several pictures of my daughter covered in avocados, bananas and peas. She actually ate so many avocados that her face looked green. I have a lot of pictures of my daughter with food all over her face. This is a keepsake that’s easy to document because it happens so frequently!

First Word – Ah! Who could forget the joy of hearing your child utter their first word? The suspense of finding out whether it’s Dad or Mom and the sheer thrill that your child uttered yours first… “Mama.” Mine did.

First Step – Who can ever forget that day when your child took their first step? I couldn’t. My child took hers on her first birthday! It added more meaning to that already special day.

First Birthday – The most celebrated and universally recognized as a highly must-document event around the world!  Simply because it is your child’s first birthday. It’s a milestone of your baby’s development and your achievement as a Mother.

How did I preserve this moment? Since we had a lot of family over, I took many pictures throughout the event. Then, I turned those pictures into a Picaboo collage poster. It only took about 15 minutes, which I remember being thankful for, as I had so little time back then! Now, it sits in our hallway and is a popular conversation piece for relatives and friends when they visit.

Documenting baby milestones

It’s important to document all the important milestones so you can share them with your child when s/he gets older.

First Travel – My family loves to travel. And the first trip with my child was truly a day to remember. That’s because she was a really good sport and laughed instead of cried.

How did I preserve this moment? I took many pictures on our first trip. But one of the best things I did was record her laughter via a Christmas ornament with an audio recorder feature. It was a hit to my child and us!

First Christmas – A special celebration just second to a first birthday. My baby’s first Christmas was the sweetest.  We gave her the audio ornament with a pre-recorded laugh. She couldn’t get enough of it and we were quite tickled ourselves!

First Scribbles – I adored my child’s first doodles and scribbles. They were very precious to me. To me, they were work of art! Until of course they started appearing on my walls and floors. But even then, they were precious.

How did I preserve this moment? I made a Picaboo photo book full of my daughter’s art. Digitally archiving her art saved us from a lot of clutter in our house.  You can learn more tips about making this project here.

Preserving Baby  Memories

Capturing these precious moments is just the first step. Preserving them forever is important. Because photos fade through the years, your best option is to create a Picaboo photo book so your entire family can relive and enjoy the moments forever.  And after you’ve made one, I suggest making a second copy and sending it to your mother and mother-in-law as a gift. It’s an easy way to make your relatives happy!

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