It’s that time of year that parents LOVE and HATE. It’s Back to School season! And if your kids are anything like mine, they’ve been enjoying the summer by staying up late and sleeping in. Getting them back into the routine isn’t easy. Going back to school is a big event for everyone involved. That’s why we put together some fun projects that will make your life easier. From getting out the door to eating wholesome and smart, these fun Picaboo projects will be a great help this school year!

Back To School Calendar


Never miss another school dance or a teacher work day with a Picaboo Calendar. They’re easy to make and you can begin your calendar in August. Not January like traditional calendars. In fact, you can start your Picaboo calendar whenever you want! Select your 12 favorite photos and add them to each month. Add photos, backgrounds and text to the date boxes to further customize your calendar. To assist in filling out important school dates, check online for your county’s school schedule. Include  Spring Break, Winter Break and all the fun moments in between. And the best part is, Picaboo will remember your dates–so you don’t have to. So the next time you create a calendar, all of the dates you enter can be automatically added. Our Classic Calendar is available for just 19.99. Make one now.

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Back To School Morning To-Do List Collage Poster


Sometimes it’s tough getting the kids out the door. Especially when everyone’s running behind. This year, make life easier by creating a Morning To-Do List for your kids. Include making the bed, brushing teeth and putting on socks and shoes. This way, you won’t have to ask your kids 17 times. An 8×10 Collage Poster is available for just $3.99, our 11×14 is available for $7.99 and our 16×20 is available for $15.99. Make one now.

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Back To School Cookbook


If you’ve got older kids heading off to school or your little babies are growing up and starting school for the first time, a Picaboo cookbook can be a life saver. For college kids, this is a nice way to remind them of home and teach them how to cook. For parents just joining the school system, life is going to hectic. Help them out with an Easy Meals Cookbook. This lovely gift is easy to make and will be treasured for a long time. Consider adding lay-flat pages as this signature add-on is idea for cooking and can stand up to extra handling. Our Classic Photo Books start at $9.99 and comes standard with 20 pages. Make one now.

It’s easy to make a Picaboo Cookbook. Follow this step by step cookbook tutorial or watch this short video.

Back To School Goals Collage Poster


In the beginning of the year, teachers recommend setting goals for your children. These goals can be big and small: Make new friends, Listen to your teacher or Read 12 chapter books. Creating a Goals Poster is a great way to keep your children focused. These goals can come from you or a teacher and can easily be added to a Picaboo Collage Poster. Use stock photography for the images or have your child write the goal on a piece of paper and take a picture of them holding their goal. Getting them involved in the process will keep them engaged all year! An 8×10 Collage Poster is available for just $3.99, our 11×14 is available for $7.99 and our 16×20 is available for $15.99. Make one now.

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Back To School Canvas Print


It’s a yearly tradition to take a photograph of your child on the first day of school. You know the one you see on Facebook from all your friends? This year, turn it into a Canvas Print. Our Canvas Prints are printed on a textured canvas fabric using an 8-color Epson Canvas ink-jet printer. This technology improves the image quality creating sharper images and richer, more vivid colors. And they last a long time! With archival printing the life span of your photos on canvas will last from 90 to 125 years (longer if framed under glass and kept out of direct light) For added fun, add Caption Boxes to add the date, your child’s age and what they want to be when they grow up. Our Canvas Prints are available in many new sizes. Enjoy our 10×15 for $69.99, 16×24 for $99.99, 20×30 for $129.99 and 24×36 for $169.99. Make one now.

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