Picaboo Video Tutorial: Creating a Photo Book

  With Picaboo, it’s easy and fun to create beautiful photo books. Take a look at this video to see many of the unique features that make Picaboo special. [flv:http://www.picaboo.com/tutorials/PhotoBook_FINAL_March2011.flv 640 424]  

Picaboo Video Tutorial: Making Calendars Overview

  With the ability completely customize the photo pages of your calendar AND add photos and captions to date boxes, Picaboo’s calendars are truly one-of-a-kind. See how easy and fun it is to create stylish calendars with Picaboo. [flv:http://www.picaboo.com/tutorials/Calendars_March_2011.flv 640 424]  

Picaboo Video Tutorial: Making Greeting Cards Overview

  We make it really easy to create beautiful greeting cards. There are hundreds of themes you can choose from (birth announcements, holiday cards, wedding invitations, birthday invites, etc) and you can also fully customize them too with captions, backgrounds and more! [flv:http://www.picaboo.com/tutorials/Cards_March_2011.flv 640 424]