More Amazing Features Today!

  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…. As you’ve come to know, we listen to every request from our customers…and we deliver new features just as quickly as we can! You’re all gonna LOVE these ones…. Just close Picaboo X and restart to get the free update. Here’s what you’ll see: 1. […]

HOW TO: Create Page Tabs for Style & Organization

  When I’m making books that have natural sections, I like to add tabs to create a sense of organization and style.  Well…what I really like about them too is watching our friends’ eyes open wide with amazement when they turn the page of the book to reveal a two-page-spread with a tab.  “WOW!” is […]

Introducing…THE PICABLOG!

  {Applause, curtain rises…} Hello and welcome to the PicaBlog – Picaboo’s new blog where you’ll find trends, tips, designs and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We’ll also feature new Picaboo products and designers, and showcase some of our customers’ amazing projects. We hope you’ll join the conversation, too. Our contributors include members […]

Taking Pictures with Focused Subjects & Blurred Backgrounds

  There’s something professional-looking about portraits that have the subject matter in clear focus while the background of the photo is blurred or “soft”. This effect makes the subject matter stand-out, and attracts all of the viewers attention to the detail of the people or objects in your photograph. Below is a photo taken of […]