39 Fall Photographs

  Based on your photographs, fall has definitely begun! Seeing your pictures grace the Facebook page reminded me why this season is my favorite. You incorporated my 7 fall photography tips and truly made it difficult to pick the best! 1 Antone Botelho | 2 Heather Everson | 3 Karen Hamberger | 4 Diana Uyder […]

36 Photographs Taken During the Golden Hour

  This week, we discussed my favorite time of to take pictures. I shared with you some tips on how to capture the colors and light during the hours known as the golden hours. Based on your photographs, I could tell that you enjoyed shooting during those times as well. Here are the 36 best golden […]

The Picaboo Book Awards FAQs

  This contest is now closed. Stay tuned to the blog to see the winners starting on 10/16/12. We’re excited about The Picaboo Book Awards and we hope you are too! But we realize you may have questions. Here are some answers to common questions. If you don’t see your question answered, leave it in […]

10 Things To Include in Your Next Vacation Photo Book

      Vacation books are a popular photo book theme. After all, we live for our vacations don’t we? And once they’re over, all we have left are the memories. That’s why it’s important to make a vacation photo book. To help you get started, here are 10 things to include in your next […]

6 Fun Vacation Souvenir Crafts

  How did you spend your summer? Did you hit the beach, grill out in your backyard or travel to Grandma’s house? What’d you do with all of your vacation photos? Are they still on your phone or your memory card? If so, now’s the time to upload those photo to your desktop and turn […]

10 Inspiring Vacation Photo Books

  Sadly, summer is just about over. In many states, the temperatures are dropping and the kids are back in school. And with the end of summer, comes the end of vacation season. Wondering what to do with all of those amazing vacation pictures? Why not make a Picaboo photo book. It’s easy, it’s fun […]

Baylee Does Hawaii

 Now that summer has come to an end, it’s time to turn your vacation photos into a fun Picaboo photo book. When Shauna got home from her family trip to Hawaii and the Hawaiian islands, she made this lovely photo book for her granddaughter, Baylee. Shauna is one of our resident Picaboo Pros and from […]

34 Amazing Shots of Water

 This week, we studied taking photographs of water and the images were amazing! You guys shot rough and calm water, droplets and waterfalls. It was truly an amazing week. And without further ado, here they are. 1-Kessie Jennissen 2-Jenny Arroyo 3-Karen Hamberger 4-Peg Brandtman 5-Kristi Shannon   6-Barbara Vincent 7-Christine Keenan 8-Terri Sims 9-Dolly Duff […]

7 Tips For Creating A Recipe Book

  Picaboo Cookbooks or Recipe Books are a fun way to capture and share your favorite dishes. Our  photo books can easily become recipe books by adding recipes to our caption boxes.  If you haven’t seen the tutorial that teaches you how to make a Picaboo recipe book, that’s a good place to start. It’s a step-by-step […]

Back To School Craft Ideas

  It’s that time of year that parents LOVE and HATE. It’s Back to School season! And if your kids are anything like mine, they’ve been enjoying the summer by staying up late and sleeping in. Getting them back into the routine isn’t easy. Going back to school is a big event for everyone involved. […]