Thank you for sharing your amazing recipe book titles! We loved reading them. There were so many great options, it was difficult choosing just one. Next time it might be easier if you send in samples from your recipes! Now that you’ve got your cookbook title down, why not make one? It’s fun and easy. And personal cookbooks are a great holiday gift. Wanna see how easy it is? Check out this video tutorial or this step-by-step guide. And if you haven’t already, take a look at this cookbook made in honor of Grandmother Billie.

So, without further ado, the winner of the $30 Picaboo gift card is….


Congrats to Peggy Strawser Hoppe for her cookbook title, Chomp.

As always, there were some great options. Here are some cookbook titles that stood out.

I Cook Like a Mama’s Boy
My mom taught me everything I know by Jason Smen.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Take-Out
How to make great meals for all occasions by Casey Pfal Collins.

Hunger Pains
Feed your inner child. And his brother. A quick and easy cookbook by Melissa Wakeling.

Yummy in your Tummy
A compilation of delicious viddles by Sami N Dave Lohr.

Delicious Dishes for the Working Mom
I know many friends that could use this!

Dinner a la Easy
Dinner made easy by Chef Ivette Riveraa-Aponte.

The Drunken Shrimp and The Saucy Clam
Fast and easy seafood recipes by Cathy Thompson.

Yummies for Little Tummies
A go-to guide for feeding the youngins by Autumn Webb Dowdy.

Sunday Dinner
A collection of great Sunday dishes by Kim Calton Mann.

A cookbook by Shannon Conway.

Peggy, please contact to receive your electronic gift card.

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