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Last summer our family had a reunion trip on an Alaska Cruise. Most of us had never been to Alaska and were blown away by the beauty and vast terrain. I love the book I made and am so proud of it! While making photobooks for the last few years I have learned what type of photos make the books great. I take photos of EVERYTHING! I am purposely taking photos which I know will add a little character to my book! For example I took a photo of the placemat on the table of the lodge we visited because it made a great background page. I’ll take photos of a beautiful plate of food or glass of wine at a restaurant. When we take a cruise I take lots of photos of the cabin before we move all of the suitcases in. That “first-look” of a cabin or hotel suite is always so exciting to me and I love to be able to re-live it in my photos. I take pictures of signs, too. The cities or towns, tourist sights, names on buildings, historical markers, information boards all become part of my books.