I’m a sucker for a great quote. The best quotes make me laugh, inspire me or remind me that I’m not alone. Here are a couple of quotes that speak to me.


This quote, in particular, reminds me to stop worrying about my dirty kitchen and instead, play with my children. I added this quote to a Canvas Print and hung it above my sink. Since the kitchen is the room we use most, it serves as a good reminder to overlook the mess and just play. Time spent with my kids is more important than a clean kitchen.


I made this Canvas Print for a friend of mine who runs a non-profit helping dogs find homes. She also fosters them and whenever I visit her, I never know who’s going to greet me. In an unrelated note, she collects belts and claims to have more than 600. I knew this Picaboo background would catch her eye.


This quote makes me laugh because it’s true. I wanted to give it to my friend Kellie because she’s always talking about how much sleep I need and how important it is to my health. One of these days, I’m going to ask her to watch my kids so I can catch up on my health.


Do you have a quote that speaks to you? If you do, a Canvas Print is a fun way to share your favorite sayings. And our expanded line includes more sizesbetter color matching and sharper images. And the best part: They come ready to hang with Sawtooth Hangers. Want to learn how to add captions to Canvas Prints? Just follow these quick steps to make your own Quoteable Canvas Print.


Step 1: Select the Add Caption Button


Select the steel button with the “T” located to the left of your Picaboo project.


Step 2: Type Your Quote


A caption box will pop up on your Canvas Print with the phrase, “Your Text Here.” This is just a placeholder and will not print on your Canvas, unless you change the text. Delete the phrase and enter your quote into the text box.

Step 3: Select Your Typeface


Picaboo offers 88 typefaces. You can vary the font size and colors inside your caption box. Fonts can be BoldedItalicized, or Underlined. You can justify the caption to the left, right or center. And with our new rich media captions, you can alter a couple of letters or words within your caption box.


Step 4: Adding a Background Color to Canvas Prints


Our Canvas Prints default to a black background. However, you can change the color of the background by clicking on the “Edit Page” tab at the top of your Canvas Print. The first icon to the left is the Background icon and when clicked, will open a sidebar to your right.


Step 5: Selecting a Background Color or Make Your Own




Or create your own custom background using our Eye Dropper Tool.

You can select one of our preset background images or create your own by selecting the “Eye Dropper Tool.” This tool allows you to create your own background color by matching a color on your Canvas Print or from an image in your Media Tray.


Step 6: Review The Wrap Zone Around Your Canvas Prints


The wrap zone is the visible line around the edges of your Canvas Prints project. This area will be wrapped around the size of your canvas’ wood frame. Make sure when finishing your project the images you want visible are within the wrap zone.

Step 7: Order Your Canvas Print


If you do change the size of your Canvas Print, you will need to review your project again to make sure the size was reformatted around the wrap zone. For more information, check out our Canvas Prints Pricing and our Shipping Guidelines.

 And that’s it! It’s that easy! There are many things you can make with Canvas Prints. For more inspiration, read:  9 Creative Canvas Print Ideas5 Fun Ways to Display Canvas Prints, How To: Make a Canvas Prints Wall Clock.


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